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Barry Anderson

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I also write songs....

There is nothing like having an artist take your words and music off the page and breathe their own unique life into them. I'm constantly looking for reasons to write and have been fortunate to work with some pretty cool folks along the way. Find out more at

Listen to a few recent collaborations -

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  • Feels So Much Better To Love (ft. Drew Seeley)3:03
  • Suddenly (Cynthia Erivo)3:54
  • The Piano4:06
  • Stowin' Away (In Santa's Sleigh)3:42
  • Dignity 4:14
  • Superman (Autumn Hurlbert)3:58
  • Beautiful Day (Brent Michael Di Roma)3:32
  • You Are Home (Featuring Coleen Sexton)4:20

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